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From ancient times beneficial effect of pieces of music on a state of health of the person is known. Sounds truly manage miracles, cure, ennoble spirit, excite, please, grieve.

Music is heard in the current streams, in full swing sources, rain noise, a roar of mountain streams, incessant movement of oceans and the seas.

Music is heard in wind breath, a foliage rustle, songs birds... By means of music the person incessantly gives the feelings and sensations, by means of music he expresses the religious feeling and with her help he transfers the sorrows, the pleasures, the love and all deepest experiences.

The Indian philosophers said that in the beginning of human history there was no language, was, as is sung in a song, eternal music. People expressed the thoughts and feelings sounds: low or high, long or short. Depth of a timbre testified to force and power, and the tone height expressed love and wisdom. Our ancestors Slavs spoke drawlingly - echoes of their household speech can be heard today in church when are read the Gospel, the Apostle and the Psalmbook. The Novgorod veche represented in the pure state an opera, with arias, duets and choruses. In locks and palaces singing and music sounded almost round the clock, creating a favorable psychological background of life of governors.

Music is capable to cure our sorrows and melancholy. She forces to endure and revive anew in memory memoirs expensive to our heart. Music changes perception of time and space. Music influences breath, pulse and a blood pressure.

Music reduces stress and raises immunity. Music lifts strength of mind. Music helps growth of plants, sings lullabies to children, forces regiments to march on war. Music is capable to inspire of creativity. Many writers and poets told that have conceived the products or at the moment of music listening, or right after it. Music is capable to frighten off the drumbeat evil ghosts, to sing of praise to maiden Maria, to appeal to the Buddha for the sake of general rescue, to captivate and calm, revive and transform.

Music is a breath of soul and consciousness. Through shower music it is shown on the earth. When the higher consciousness will wake up in the person when he will develop in itself(himself) possibilities of more thin perceptions, he will start to hear that grandiose symphony which sounds in a space from edge to Universe edge and then he will understand deep meaning of the life. From the first shout to last agonal sigh we are captured by the sea of sounds and fluctuations every second our life. It is a first-born sound of the founder, speech of angels and the atoms, that essence from which so the validity and dreams, beings and Realities all right are cut out.

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